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I love stories. I always have. My grandmother was a great storyteller and would entertain me for hours telling me tales of her childhood. I loved reading and being read to. I also loved telling stories, especially if I had an audience, the bigger the better. Even as a little girl, I loved to “interview” people -- I would pretend I had my own show, and I would use my hairbrush as a microphone and badger friends, relatives and strangers, to participate in my make-believe TV show.  

I went on to study storytelling at UBC, graduating with an honour’s degree in Creative Writing and Journalism. I then pursued a career in journalism, telling people’s stories through radio, magazines and television. I was a multi-award-winning TV journalist, who spent over 20 years in front of the camera, telling the stories of the people, places, events and ideas of Vancouver Island. In 2014 I went back to school to study the art of storytelling in the digital age and graduated with Distinction with a Master’s degree in communications from Royal Roads University.  My thesis was an award-winning documentary on the power of storytelling.

After completing my Masters, I worked with travel writers telling the stories of Victoria and Vancouver Island as the Manager of Media Relations at Destination Greater Victoria. And I supported Cowichan in telling their stories to the world as the Executive Director of Tourism Cowichan.


Today, I am the founder of Karen Elgersma Media, and my passion is discovering your story and creating digital content that will tap into your audience’s emotion and make them feel something remarkable toward your brand.

The Team

The Team

Charlotte Denton  - Our digital media guru. From managing our social media, to creating original content, to supporting the team with video production, Charlotte brings creativity, innovation, and flair to the KEM team. Charlotte is an award-winning singer and actor who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. She has worked professionally as a model, performer and artist in Canada, England and Australia. Joining the KEM team and working with her mom is really a dream come true for Charlotte and her mom! When Charlotte’s not performing, creating, or posting for KEM, you will find her hanging out with her best friend and husband, Jackson.

Michael Makaroff - Michael brings a fresh take to the KEM team. He had the privilege of working for one of the most prestigious video firms on Vancouver Island learning the art of videography, editing and post production. Michael also has a passion for music videos and short films.  His artist eye inspires visually stunning and creative cinematography.

Brittany Raper - Brittany is thrilled to be telling stories with KEM. With her eye for detail and heart for creating, Brittany plays different roles within the team. Brittany trained in acting at New York University and went on to create her own all-female stand up comedy training and production company. She has worked professionally as a producer, writer, performer and host. After studying and living in New York City for 5 years, she is full of energy and ideas to bring to KEM!

Reggie the office dog – Reggie is a rescue pup from the Humane Society who is passionate about people, walks and treats. Whether he is greeting a new client, sleeping on his KEM dog pillow, or trying to get one of the team members to pet him, he is committed to keeping joy and puppy love at the centre of KEM HQ.



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