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Cyber Monday at KEM



Intention: To create video content that will profile you, and your company or organization to position you in the digital marketplace with compelling stories about your services, experience, philosophy, products, values, vision, and expertise. 

KEM TV is a story-driven video content creator that offers our clients the opportunity to create digital content affordably while giving them a powerful tool they can share. Today’s consumers and business decision makers are becoming less and less susceptible to sales promises and banner advertising. People strive to invest in a
brand’s narrative or story. When you tell the story behind the business you honour the human need to understand and connect emotionally with how and why things happen.


According to an infographic published by OneSpot, 92% of consumers
want brands to make ads that feel like a story when consumed.


Your Story – We will work with you to create a 2 minute, engaging, story-driven video that will connect your brand with the world.  AND If you book by midnight today, Monday, December, we will add two videos for social media for FREE!

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Here are two examples of profile style stories - Profile of owner of Enchanted Expeditions & Profile of Alderlea Vineyard owners Zachary Brown and Julie Powell.

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Below is some more fun facts for you to read…

Why Hire Karen Elgersma Media? Our goal is to create an authentic, engaging and
emotionally compelling video showcasing your brand. With over 20 years in the
industry, we know how to create videos that tell impactful stories. The power of video
content is so remarkable that according to Forbes, 90% of customers say video helps
them make buying decisions and 64% of customers say that seeing video makes them
more likely to buy. The volume of video content is growing exponentially and your
business will benefit from offering video content on your social media outlets to position
you uniquely in today’s digital world. 

What is the process? We will meet with you over the phone and connect online. After
that, we will send you an outline of what we need to produce your video. This may
include questions or a script, a list of visuals, and if you want any testimonials or
actualizations (for example, shots of your clients interacting with you). Once the
outline has been finalized by both parties you will be required to place a non-
refundable deposit, sign a contract and a video release and then we will book a half
day to shoot the video! 

What does a shoot day look like? The total time for a shoot takes approximately 2
1/2 hours. The interview itself will only take 20 - 30 minutes but we like to budget at
least an hour for set-up, lighting, and sound checks. The visuals will take another hour
or two depending on how much we need for your video. For anyone interviewed in front
of the camera, please do not wear white. 

What will my video look like? Your video will be approximately 90 seconds. We have
many samples of videos you can look at to choose a style that suits you and your
brand. With consultation with us, your video can include an interview, voice overs, on
camera bridges, music, and graphics.

When will I see the video? Once we have all the necessary personal or business
information from you (photos, contact info, graphics or logos, etc.) we will have the first
draft back to you within 3 - 4 weeks.

Will I get to make changes to the video? After reviewing your video if there are any
mistakes or important changes we need to make we will, if you still need to make
further revisions you will be charged $100/hour for edits.

What should I do with the video? The video will be yours to share with the world.
You can use it to play on your website and share on your social media streams. We
will also use the video on our various social media streams which will bring more
views and attention to your business. We will also share with you a “cheat sheet” that
will help you strategize how to get eyes on your content.

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