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Top 5 Tips to Look and Feel Great on Camera

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

At KEM we want to make every interview a phenomenal experience. It’s normal to be a little nervous before and during interviews so we do everything we can to prep you, help you and set you up so you look and feel your best. We promise to make this a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Here are KEM’s top tips to look and feel great in front of the camera.

1. Get your hair and makeup done professionally or spend a little extra time getting ready for your day on camera.

You’d be amazed at the difference you feel and look when you let someone else pamper you and get you camera ready. Makeup for the camera is different than your everyday look. Make a morning of it and treat yourself. Our favourite, go-to makeup artists are Makeup by Alexa and Makeup by Trish. (We love using an airbrush for on camera, you don’t have any shiny spots and you just glow on screen). The make-up artists can come to your home or meet you on location where we are filming. If you do your own make-up take a bit of extra time. We always have Studio Fix powder on set so we will make sure you are camera ready!

(Men can get their hair and makeup done too!)

2. Wear something that reflects who you are

Try to avoid wearing white or strips. You want to wear something that’s flattering. We always suggest bold colours like deep blues, reds or greens. Pick an outfit that is season-friendly so your video can be seen in any season and still be relevant. Always remember to wear shoes you’re comfortable walking in. Don’t wear those brand new shoes you just bought (a spare pair of shoes is not a bad idea!). If you can’t decide what to wear bring a couple of options and let team KEM help you because we know what will look best on camera.

3. Paraphrase every question

This means when asked a question, answer by repeating the question. For example, if asked, “What does KEM do?” We would answer, “At Karen Elgersma we create authentic story-driven video content for websites and social media that will showcase your brand to the world.” This is an opportunity to shout out your brand and it makes a great clip for your video.

4. Do your homework

The KEM interview system is built to ensure you are prepared for your interview. We will send you a storyboard (which outlines the video) we will also send you the questions we will be asking in advance. Karen will send you a personalized Vidyard Video that will give you some great interview tips. If you want to bring along cue cards or notes so you can refer to them before or during the interview. Karen loves to chat so there will always be time to check your notes. Don’t rely on your notes but have them handy to refer to during your interview. The team at KEM will help you do what you do best – BE YOU! Studies show that the interviews that perform best are when the viewers feel the person talking is relatable, authentic and real, which sometimes means being vulnerable. And remember, we edit your interview – this is not a live interview. So just relax and try to enjoy the experience. Because there is nothing more fun than sharing your amazing story with the world!

5. Trust our team

We’re here to ensure you sound and look your absolute best but don’t be afraid to ask, request or suggest throughout the process. At the end of the interview if there’s anything you didn’t like or want to redo, always ask if you can do a retake or add something else to the interview. This is your interview and your time to shine! If you need a glass of water, ask for it. If you need a moment to read over your notes, ask for it. If you’re worried your hair doesn’t look good, ask. Take your time. It’s okay! We want to make sure it’s the best possible experience.

Now that you have all of our tips and tricks, book your video today!

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