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Why Media Is King (or Queen!)

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Top Ten Reasons Why to Invest in Video Content

Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience and in order to do this effectively you need to meet them where they are already spending time – online. Enter digital marketing! This applies to all industries and any business or organization trying to reach and inform their customers. For marketing to work on a targeted audience, there must be something there that initially draws them in and Karen Elgersma Media wants to help you create compelling content that does just that. Below are some fun facts about the power of digital media.

At KEM's recent shoot at Merridale Cidery

1. Using videos on landing pages will increase conversions by 86%. (Wordstream, 2018) (Source:

2. Video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than plain text (Source:

3. Including a video in a post increases organic traffic from search results by 157%. (Search Engine People, 2017) (Source:

4. 100 million hours of video content are watched on Facebook daily. (Facebook, 2016)

5. 20% of people will read the text on a page, but 80% of people will watch a video. (My SMN, 2017)

KEM on location in Ecuador with Enchanted Expeditions

6. After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. (Forbes, 2017)

7. Studies show that people have the ability to recall 65% of the visual content that they see almost three days later. (HubSpot, 2017) (Source:

8. Did you know more than 50% of consumers prefer video content over other forms of content like emails, social, and blogs?

9. 64% of consumers say watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision of theirs in the last month. (Animoto, 2017)

10. Video will represent 82% of all IP traffic in 2021, in fact right now there are 1.9 billion monthly active users on YouTube. (Omnicore, 2018)

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